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Our Story

My husband, Alfred, and I have always enjoyed the outdoors and have always enjoyed sharing  God’s creation with others. 

Through the years, we have found that we both love working with stones and sharing their beautiful shapes and colors.  We especially enjoy seeing the transformation from the rough stone to the final polish.


Seeing these beautiful stones, I was inspired to take a few jewelry making classes and soon I was hooked!

We search out the perfect semi-precious stones on our travels and my husband takes the rough stones and tumbles them and then polishes them.


  Just as God is making something beautiful out of us, we love interpreting God’s creation in the form of polished rocks and one of a kind artisan jewelry in order to strengthen, encourage and comfort others.


So why call our business Ebenezer Stone?

We were inspired by the story in 1 Samuel 7:2-4. In this passage, Samual persuades the people of Israel to confess their sins, destroy their idols, and begin again to seek the Lord. Because of this, they were given victory over the Philistines who greatly outnumbered them. 


To commemorate that moment, Samual erected a stone saying, “Thus far the Lord has helped us.” The word “Ebenezer” means “stone of help” or “stone of remembrance."  Each time the Israelites saw it, they were to remember God’s faithfulness to them.


Our prayer is that each time you wear a piece of our jewelry, you will remember God’s faithfulness to you as well!

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