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Natural Maligano Jasper Pendent Necklace

Natural Maligano Jasper Pendent Necklace

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Natural Maligano Jasper is an amazing stone and I was so inspired by this stone when I saw it.  It looks like a work of art to me!  Granted, it is God's work of art and how can we improve on that?  I've let this pendent speak for itself.  It needs no more adornment. Truly a rare find!  Each semi-precious stone is a “work of art” from nature and appearance of each stone may vary from photo. Being handmade means that each piece is unique and any imperfections or flaws are to be embraced for their special qualitites.

  • Ajustable Black Satin cording to 11"
  • Natural Maligano Cabachon Pendent
  • Stone measures about 2"
  •  Pendnet measures 2"
  • Lightweight
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